Sir Francis Drake – Pirate of the Queen

Francis Drake was born in the year 1540 in Crowndale (England) as a son of an pastor. He had 11 sisters und brothers.
Drake had already to work in very young years. First he worked as a sailor und later as a paymaster on the ship from his cousin captain John Hawkings. They earned money with trading with slaves.
In the next years Drake took part in some expeditions to Afrika and Amerika. He traded again with slaves. And he attacked Spanish and Portuguese ships. In this time there had been 3 nations which fought for the leadership on the seas of the world – Spain, Portgal and England. And England fought with the help of his pirates.
Under the command of his cousin captain John Hawkings Drake becomes such a pirate and attacked in the next years many ships in the Caribbean sea. And they founded the ring-trade between Europe, Afrika and Amerika.
Because Drake was the best man in the team of his cousin he got his own ship and becomes a captain. Later Drake act as pirate on his own and won many gold and silver for the english crown.
In the years 1577 to 1580 Drake started with 5 ships an expedition to find the unkown continent Terra Australis. After a strong storm he lost 4 ships. With his last ship he sailed around Cape Horn in the south of America. Then he sailed along the South American west coast to the north. Here he captured many Spanish ships and attacked and plundered Spanish towns. And Drake won the friendship of Indians which helped him against the Spain.

Drake finally crossed the Pacific and around the Cape of Good Hope in the south of Africa. So her was the second man who surrounded the whole world.
When he came back with many gold and silver the britisch Queen Elisabeth I. made him a knight. Next years Sir Francis Drake made some more expeditions to the Caribbean and attacked again many spanish ships and towns.
Because of the attacks from the english priates Spain started an invasion of England with a big number of ships – the Spanish Armada. Sir Francis Drake was the commander of English ships. Even their number had been very little, Drake destroyed the Spanish Armada. England won with luck and burning ships to burn the spanish ships.
Sir Francis Drake died in the year 1596.

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